Lets talk about Sex...

I offer specialist Psychosexual  Therapy for individuals or people in relationships who maybe experiencing sexual challenges and/or who want to further explore their intimacy issue or not. 

I got involved with sex education over 35 years ago when I worked as a youth & community worker and then spent time as a secondary school teacher, I later went on to lecture in a few community colleges.  Additionally, I worked for over 20 years for the Family Planning Association (fpa) providing training and consultation to a number of care agencies and social care workers, (Youth workers, Social workers, teachers, Foster cares, Children's homes,  School nurses and YOT workers).

I still work part time in a sexual health clinic, providing sexual health advise, so talk every day about sex, sexual infections,  risk reduction and even Chemsex. I have also supported the learning around Erectile Dysfunction (ED) for Dr, nurse‚Äôs and other health care professionals in The A-Z of sexual dysfunction, ran by BASHH.

I have also collaborated with Dr Claudine Best, to undertake training programmes around informed consent and healthy relationships. Initially targeted at football players, it is open anyone who wants to understand and pursue creating positive connections and consensual relationships.

People can find it surprisingly easy to discuss even the most intimate relationship issues with an experienced psychosexual or sex therapist, if you want to talk please reach out.

If you are ready to talk, then book a consultation.         

I look forward to talk with you!